Nova88 Affilate Program

Today we will talk about the affiliate program offered by nova88. This platform offers a wide range of online betting and casino games services. The platform offers betting services on various events, although most of them involve betting on sports events. It also offers other types of online gambling such as lottery, esports, virtual sports, poker and bingo.

At present, the site has great popularity and a good reputation and is widely used by Asian users. Accordingly, this is a sector in which a lot of money is moving. That is why nova88 also wanted to join the world of affiliates and enable enterprising users to fulfill themselves in the gambling world. Therefore, the company offers a Nova88 affiliate program, thanks to which players can get certain benefits and earn real money without spending a lot of time.
In this type of Nova88 affiliate program, which is fairly narrowly focused and targeted at a specific audience, it is important that the web page you are about to link to the affiliate program is directly related to sports events or content related to gambling and online betting. Thus, players will be able to secure the possible income that can be obtained through this program.


For more information, you need to learn more about the products that Nova88 offers.

Anyone who loves to bet on sports will find Nova88 a platform full of possibilities.

In terms of sports, Nova88 features a roster of over 30 sports ranging from popular cricket to UFC and esports. The good thing about Nova88 is that all the sports featured are well lit. This means that, in addition to providing good odds for players, the site can provide various markets. In some games of the Nova88 sports zone, it is possible to broadcast the match. To watch the game in real time, you just need to have an account with a bookmaker.

This type of broadcast is ideal for live bettors, as they can see what is happening on the field to fill out a bet slip. You can also use Nova88’s Cash Out feature, which allows the user to cancel a bet if they find that the result is not what they expected. Another highlight of Nova88 is the exchange, where players can create their own bets at the odds they prefer.

Casino Nova88 will surprise you with its diversity and the number of providers that have gathered to provide the platform with the best games. The company is really able to provide a great gaming experience and offer you a choice. In different categories, players will definitely find their favorite game.

Affiliates actually have a lot to tell about the platform and there will be no problems with this since the platform developers have tried very hard to do such work.

Revenue Sharing Structure

Revenue Sharing Structure

What will you have?

  • The opportunity to promote the best product in the sports betting and casino games market.
  • Partner with a well-known brand with a good reputation.
  • Everything you need for quality work, all marketing materials are provided and constantly updated.

What will be offered to you?

  • Get a share of income up to 55%.
  • Invite a friend to help you as a sub-partner and get a 10% co-payment.
  • See statistics to evaluate the effectiveness of your promotion methods.
  • Professional support is always available to you.

What is your income and how much can you get?

Share of income of your referred players consists of losses on the player’s bets and share of income of your referred partners.

Structure of income distribution:

Revenue ShareTierCompany Net Win (USD)Active PlayersPercentage
All Products10 – 2,500≥ 525%
22,501 – 40,00035%
3> 40,00055%

To make it clearer, here is an example of how your income can be calculated:

Active Referred PlayersCompany Net Win (USD)
Total105,545 (Tier 3)
Your Revenue Share105,545 x 55% = 58,050

Once you are already affiliated with an affiliate program, you can start earning commissions from the first moment. In order to receive the benefits, you must provide the links that this program offers you to various Nova88 services. You may also include various advertisements that direct users directly to the Nova88 page. From there, if the users you referred to this platform through our link place a bet or start playing online, you will be able to earn certain commissions.

The commissions you may receive will vary depending on the type of services you are referring and the categories in which those services are located.

For example, if you send users links to play poker, your profit could be 25%. If you attribute them to the casino and to different games, then it will also be 25%. All these commissions are top notch. As you get more benefits, you can level up and the commission percentage will increase along with your benefits.

How It Works

How It Works

It is not very difficult to imagine that on the one hand there are people who are interested in betting and on the other, sites that offer the possibility of betting, but which can bridge the gap between A and B, bringing some benefit, a partner who must earn money to do this. as a result of your efforts.

There is a lot of exclusive content in the Nova88 affiliate program, as well as special bonuses that in many cases are only available to affiliates. Thus, the partner has an advantage by offering his reader or audience a better offer than if they went directly to the betting site, bypassing it.

Basically, this is one of the biggest visible benefits for a player that an affiliate can offer through their website or any other means of distribution. In addition, one can also sell the idea that the sites viewed and analyzed are generally more secure, not only technologically, but also operationally. No one wants to put their money on a bet and suddenly they can’t claim their prize.

In short, what an affiliate has to sell to their audience is a gain or advantage with respect to direct access. If a player does not follow your affiliate link, they will not win, for example, a free bet or receive a bonus on their first deposit. There are indeed benefits that can be offered to the affiliate audience.

How to register? 

To be able to contribute to brand awareness, registration in the affiliate program is required.

First of all, we must go to the Nova88 partnership page. Once there, the first thing we have to do is fill out the online form offered on this page. In this form, we will be asked to provide certain information, such as personal information, information about your website or company, payment information, etc. In these cases, it is very important to carefully read all the terms and conditions that the platform offers us. You do not have to have a website, you can promote the platform on your blog on any social network and talk about it on a forum or on a YouTube channel.

As soon as you fill out our online application, the Nova88 platform will begin to study our case and will analyze whether we meet the necessary requirements to participate in their affiliate program. This analysis of the candidature will be carried out within three days.

If your application is accepted, you can already start enjoying all the benefits of the affiliate program, download marketing materials and think over a promotion strategy. You will be provided with support in the form of your own manager and an online system that will be available around the clock.

If I don’t have a website, can I become an affiliate?

Anyone can be affiliated with a bookmaker, however, there are rules. There are affiliates who promote the company via email, for example, people who usually collect data through an event and then can ideally run a series of promotions from certain betting sites according to the profile they create themselves.

The ways to promote a site as an affiliate are varied and can be learned using different strategies for each case, so just grab a pen and paper to plan what your action plan should be and execute it. There is also the opportunity to receive mentoring, coaching, tutorials and facilitate access to this universe.

Terms & Conditions

And of course, you can’t do without rules that you must follow in order to avoid problems with cooperation.

  • Your site may not be approved as it will be deemed unsuitable, to which the company reserves the right.
  • By participating in the program, you agree to comply with absolutely all the rules proposed by the platform.
  • It is necessary to provide only verified and truthful information about the platform, otherwise a warning will be issued.
  • It is also necessary to coordinate the placement of marketing materials in accordance with accepted standards.
  • Your task is only to bring new customers, you are not responsible for the rest.
  • The materials may not be used for any other purpose.
  • The company reserves the right to independently determine your earnings and change them in connection with the conditions of work.
  • Spam is strictly prohibited for posting.

Nova88 Affilate Support

Since this is probably a completely new development topic for most of the company’s partners, the platform has provided a comprehensive support service. An online system is available for you with which you can evaluate your progress and get help. Friendly support agents who know a lot about their business work around the clock for you. The affiliate program site itself is a great clue as it has a FAQ section. You can find an incredible amount of different questions here, so you can look there for all the basic information.


  • What do I need to participate in the Nova88 affiliate program?

    As mentioned above, everyone can participate, that is, you do not need anything other than the desire and time to cooperate with the brand. It is desirable, of course, to have some information resources for placing a referral link. All the necessary tools will be provided to you by the company as well as the manager for work. Absolutely all the necessary information can be found on the website or ask support agents.

  • Do I need to pay any fee to join the program?

    No, participation is absolutely free for everyone while providing great benefits to your employees. This is where the company pays you money.

  • How is the withdrawal of funds for Nova88 affiliates?

    Once a month, the company pays you your income. Members are allowed to withdraw funds for free once a month. The minimum amount for a possible withdrawal of income is $100. You have the opportunity to request a re-withdrawal of funds upon agreement with the affiliate manager.

  • How can I promote the Nova88 product?

    There are many different ways. The site provides you with marketing materials that you can use for your own purposes. Place banners on your information portals, forums, websites, blogs or make an informative newsletter without spam! Lots of different paths can be found if you really want to partner with a big brand!

  • How does the site understand how many users followed my referral link?

    The technology is quite simple – cookies. These files voluntarily collect information about website visitors. The site is thought out enough to accurately calculate all the statistical information and fairly reward its affiliates.

  • What can not be placed when promoting a company?

    According to the policy of the platform, it is strictly forbidden to post spam or any information that contradicts the truth. All materials must be agreed with the company.