Nova88 Esports

Nova 88 Esports

There are many decent bookies on the market of Asia today, but the Nova 88 esports betting platform is on top. That popular website welcomed its first visitors more than 14 years ago – and this is more than enough for confirming the reputation of the brand. 

At the moment, the platform covers more than 100 football leagues and offers more than 5,000 sports events and 13,000 markets per month. Sports betting fans, both beginners and experienced, enjoy a wide range of sports broadcasts. And special attention the bookmaker pays to esports competitions.

The review below comes with relevant information regarding the Nova88 platform and the esports section in particular. You will learn about the features of betting on top esports events, its updated markets, lists of tournaments, and so on. Also, you will discover the Nova 88 support service features and find a section with frequently asked questions.

About Nova88 Esports

LicensePAGCOR (Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation)
Esports betting optionsCS GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, King of Glory, PUBG, Starcraft 2 and some other popular titles
Affiliate programYes
Min deposit100 INR
Min withdrawal500 INR
Banking toolsOnline Banking, Bank Transfer, and Crypto
Bonuses for Esports bettorsWelcome bonuses, reload rewards, sports rescue bonus, withdrawal bonus, weekly esports promos, cash rebate, birthday bonus, etc.
Accepts Indian puntersYes

What are Esports and Esports Betting Anyway?

What are Esports and Esports Betting Anyway

Sports can be different. There are disciplines that appeared centuries ago. Esports, on the other hand, is the most modern type, which has become wildly popular in the last couple of years, especially in the Asian gambling environment. 

Esports is a collective name for competitions that are held in video games in single or team formats. However, not every video game can be considered an esports type. Firstly, it should have a multiplayer mode. Secondly, its developers are obliged to observe certain principles of honesty so that two or more participants play on equal terms at any stage of the match.

Esports has many unique features, which are not only about genre or mode. If you learn to understand it, high earnings are guaranteed for you. However, you need to try very hard for this, since, according to statistics, only a few people receive really high fees on esports events. The thing is that luck alone is not enough here, as even in major tournaments you cannot expect a 100% victory of the favorites.

If you fail to become a Dota 2 or CS:GO player, do not worry – you can earn on esports betting. But first, learn to understand all the subtleties of this sport.

The most interesting thing is the formats of the competitions, which depend on the desire of the organizers because there is no single standard. This is what sometimes may confuse viewers and also brings losses to bettors who often do not understand what tournament level they bet on, how many rounds in the series, and other features.

So if you want to start somewhere, begin with this guide. What do you need to know before you start betting on esports? Here are the main points to understand: 

  • Types of matches or series. In esports, as well as other sports, each match lasts up to a certain number of wins. Before choosing a betting match, find out exactly what type of competition is in front of you. Betting experts recommend beginners start with simple options where matches last for a short time.
  • Group stages. Another important point that should be taken into account by aspiring bettors for esports. This stage is present in almost all tournaments, helping to level out weak teams to determine more worthy participants in the playoffs. By the way, the number of groups depends on the organizers and the type of tournaments. Most often, these are at least 2 groups and a maximum of 10 teams. The rules of the esports match indicate the number of teams that go further. Each team goes either to a certain stage of the playoffs or leaves the event. Sometimes, groups are picked only to determine the strength of the teams and arrange the participants for the final stage of the tournament.
  • Group formats. Another point that is important for understanding. Each group participating in the tournament comes with a specific structure. These can be options such as Round-robin, GSL, or the Swiss system.

Is Esports Betting like Traditional Sports Betting?

Today, many Indian residents take part in betting on eSports. This is a pretty relevant direction in the world of sports betting, which continues to develop in the future. 

Esports betting is betting on matches that take place in a virtual format. If you have ever tried your hand at football competitions in FIFA games or team fights in CS:GO or Dota 2, then you will quickly understand that activity. By the way, the list of video games for esports matches is endless. In the most general sense, it can be divided into two main categories: 

  • Individuals. All participants of the esports match play for themselves.
  • Command. In this type of sports event, participants compete in a team. One team is fighting another one. 

To bet on esports and win, you don’t have to be a professional and understand games 100%. It is enough to understand the basics of the esports betting site, select the right strategy, and be patient.

Remember that luck is behind you in this kind of sport. Ahead, there is the ability to predict the outcome of the game, the right strategy, and self-confidence. Like classical sports, cyber competition is only partially predictable. Therefore, it is important to remember that there are no win-win tactics in it, which means that it is not worth betting for earnings.

Esports Games, Esports Tournaments

Esports Games, Esports Tournaments

Modern esports competitions are held according to relatively different rules. Their organizers choose the format themselves, and so far in computer sports, there is no single standard for holding championships, as there is in basketball, for example. Because of this, ordinary bettors often do not understand what the outcome of a particular meeting depends on, how many rounds will be played in the series, whether the team has the right to make a mistake, and so on.

Especially for those who have not fully understood the esports tournament formats, but really want to start betting on esports, we offer this guide. The information may be useful primarily for novice betting players, but it will not be superfluous for experienced bettors as well.

What are the Tournament Formats in Esports?

First, it is worth highlighting the tournament formats that are related to the certain esports championships:

  • best-of-1 (bo1) — a competition up to 1 victory on a single map;
  • best-of-2 (bo2) — a game of two maps, a 1-1 draw is possible;
  • best-of-3 (bo3) — a game of up to two winning maps;
  • best-of-5 (bo5) — up to three wins (such matches are played in the finals of Dota and CS:GO tournaments);
  • best-of-7 (bo7) — up to 5 wins (Rocket League, Rainbow Six, etc.)

How to Bet on Esports for the First Time

So, if you decide to try a hand at sports betting, choose esports matches. These are exciting and very hot events where you will enjoy watching the teams play, and you will also be able to earn high fees. 

Below, here are some esports betting tips that will help you make money on betting, or at least lose less:


It doesn’t matter if you bet on Dota2, CS:GO, League of Legends, or other games, keep in mind – small matches are best avoided.

The smaller the tournament, the weaker and more unstable the teams are, and therefore, you will not get the desired result from the game here.


Choose exclusively top events for betting on esports and study the features of the game of several teams during the season.

That is, the main recommendation for a Dota 2 bettor is to choose three or four teams and watch them at each tournament.


The best option is mid-level teams with good game statistics in the past.

They are always motivated and less likely than others to lose ground, strongly relative to their level. To find such athletes, study the results of recent competitions. The necessary teams, as a rule, finish the performance in 4-6 places.


Another important rule is to skip the first matches of the competition.

Even the most prestigious ones. Look at the shape in which the teams approached the tournament. Often, even after a short break, the team needs time to play out, and it falls just on the starting series.


Bet on those, who play predictably.

If a team copes with equals but concedes to outsiders, it is better not to bet on matches with its participation.

Esports Betting Market

Esports Betting Market

To bet on esports and not lose, you need to understand what types of bets are relevant for such competitions. Today, Asian sites such as Nova 88 esports offer customers the following types of markets for betting on esports:

  • Total kills

Before choosing it, figure out how to bet on total in esports correctly. For example, if we are talking about the total kills rate, in this case, it matters how many opponents will be destroyed in the round or the battle as a whole.

  • Individual total of kills

Also, there is a variety among the totals – an individual total of kills. The same thing, but it only counts for one of the teams or one of its members.

  • Total time

This betting market determines the duration of the round or championship. Bettors make a prediction for the number of game hours, and who will guess it takes the main prize from the Nova 88 esports bookmaker.

  • Total rounds

Here, bettors make a forecast for the number of rounds played during the match. Keep in mind that each type of total is relevant only for certain esports games.

  • Handicap bet

Handicap is a popular type of betting in esports, although it is the riskiest. Success in this market depends on how the favorite of the online meeting will show itself. Let’s look at this with a certain example – the game CS:GO. During the match, a handicap is possible only in two types: to win with a handicap on maps, or with a handicap on rounds.

  • Bet on the actual outcome

In these types of bets, the highest odds are available to esports betters. The actual outcome implies only three options for completing the event: the victory of the first player, the victory of the second, or a draw. The latter outcome is relevant not only for esports competitions, but also in hockey, football, and basketball.

By the way, you can also bet on the number of penalties or other events that may occur during the meeting.

  • Pass or win

Another popular option on the betting market for esports events. An intuitive type of betting, where the bettor’s profit depends on who wins in a particular round or the whole game. It is often used by esports players in live mode.

Nova 88 Support

Nova 88 esports betting site cares for its new and regular players. That is why you can always rely on the online bookie. For now, there are many available channels for staying in touch with Indian bettors. That service operates around the clock, all days of the week, without any stops.  

So, you can ask Nova 88 staff a question via  live chat on the home page, as well as apply for support via a contact form. Besides, you can make a call or email them a letter. In any case, you can be sure that Nova 88 qualified staff is ready to support you 24 hrs.

And now, let’s learn about the communication channels in more detail:

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Instagram 
  • Telegram 
  • Live chat
  • WhatsApp – +60 10 8645632
  • LINE – @Nova88thai
  • E-mail – [email protected]


Nova 88 esports betting is in great demand among Asian players for a reason. The online bookmaker receives the highest rating for several aspects dealt with rightly. First, Nova 88 is one of the most experienced and trustworthy platforms featuring an extensive range of sports, Nova 88 esports bet markets, and betting lines, especially concerning esports competitions.

Moreover, Indian players can enjoy various features, including live betting and live-streaming, claim tons of lucrative rewards, place wagers via the Nova 88 mobile app, and enjoy services, including banking and customer support all the time, daily and nightly.

The only possible improvement call falls to the payment section lacking popular cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro debit and credit cards.


  • Is the Nova 88 sportsbook legal?

    Yes, Nova 88 sportsbook operates on legal grounds as it has a license from Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

  • Can I claim a sportsbook free bet when betting with Nova 88 esports?

    Every free bet provided by the Indian bookie will have conditions on how to get it. And so, punters are advised to first learn them before using the free bet.

  • How to make a deposit and withdrawal at Nova 88 India?

    Indian punters will run any transaction on the account through the ‘Deposit’ and ‘Withdrawal’ options once logged into their profiles.

  • How to sign up on Nova 88 esports platform?

    For that, tap the ‘Join Now’ button on the Nova 88 official website and fill in valid information in the required form.

  • Can I cancel my esports bet?

    Once the esports bet has been confirmed, you cannot cancel that wager. Therefore, Indian punters are advised to check the sports wagers before confirming.

  • Can I have two or more Nova 88 accounts?

    A gambler can only hold one account. In case a person holds two or more, the bookie has the right to close the account.