Nova88 Lottery

Nova88 Lottery

Nova88 Lottery is a popular platform oriented toward the Asian market, especially for Indian players. The portal offers a wide range of game options, including casino games, sports betting, e-sports, quick games, and lotteries. For those, who prefer live dealer games, there is a wide section where you can choose entertainment from top providers like Evolution, Pragmatic, or Playtech. To attract new clients and boost the game involvement of regular players, Nova88 offers affiliate and VIP programs. Also, you can claim lucrative bonuses and promotions. The portal supports a lot of handy payment methods, so it is easy to deposit or withdraw funds in a couple of clicks. All transactions and your private information are securely protected from hacking attacks and leakage. As for trustworthiness, the current portal is regularly tested by independent licensees, which check security, random number generator, and support service quality.

How to Buy & Play Lottery Online?

First, you should visit the official website and create an account. You can do it by clicking the “Register” button in the upper-right corner of the main page. After that, you should specify the required information, namely: nickname, name, relevant email address, and the currency you use. Also, do not forget to mention the appropriate phone number so that the platform can send you a verification code. After registration, it is better to proceed to the private account and fill in additional info to complete your account.

Then, you should upload the documents to prove your identity. If you skip this step, you cannot deposit or withdraw funds on the platform. Currently, the Nova88 allows you to use various documents like driver’s license, passport, utility bill, etc. The full list of available documents, you can find in the “Terms and Conditions” section. After that, you need to go to the main page and proceed to the lottery sections. Here, you can pick several options.

So, the lottery is a special game where numbers are drawn randomly. As a result, gamblers receive a set of numbers that corresponds to a certain prize. Currently, the portal offers twelve different types of lottery. Among them, you can choose Dice Lottery, Max Racing, Lottery Bull, etc. Their main differences lie in the number of digits that participate in the draw to form the prizing combination and visual component. A brief description is given in the table below.

Lottery typeBrief overview
3D / 5D In this case, the system forms the winning combination from 3D or 5D numbers of the ten possible.
Penalty Shoot-OutHere, Nova88 Lottery uses 52 playing cards to choose only three prizing ones. All cards are picked randomly.
Max 6This lottery is played with 49 cards. Among them, there are six basic numbers and only one additional. Keep in mind that this game does not support repetitions.
11 x 5 During this game, the system picks five cards among eleven possible. It is pretty similar to the first variant described above.
Se DieThis option is a bit more complicated. The Nova88 system uses four different sections with red and white buttons each. Technically, it is similar to the option where you use “cards” or “numbers” and differs only in the visual implementation.
Fireball 10As it comes from the name of the lottery, here, the system uses ten numbers and picks only one of them (it is also called a “fire number”). Unlike previous options, here, you can also win a multiplier that boosts the amount of winning funds.
Dice It is one of the simplest types of lottery, where you should get a winning combination from three dice.
Max Se DieThis option is almost the same as the Max 6 lottery.
Jhandi MundaHis is another lottery where the system uses six dice. But in this case, each die has a particular picture on each side (Diamond, Club, Flag, Face, Spade, Heart).
Max RacingHere, you can earn a prize if get the winning combination consists of ten numbers.
Lottery BullThis game is a bit different because it has two sets of outcomes (one for the player and one for the banker). In total, five different numbers participate in the game: the system selects them from ten possible.Keep in mind that a combination of three out of five must equal “ten”, “twenty” or “thirty”. The sums of the other two numbers are added together to create the player’s rank. In this case, the system can form a rank only from a single number. Otherwise, the player does not get a bull rank.
Ladder GameIn this game, combinations are built in a line that moves up to the goal. Visually, the game is shaped like a ladder.

Except for the set of numbers, which take part in the formation of a combination, the principles of the games are approximately the same and similar to those in a land-based casino. Here are the main steps.

  1. The initial stage is when the system starts accepting bets from players.
  2. In the second stage, the process of accepting bets stops, and the system calculates their number and the total amount.
  3. Next, the system runs a random number generator to get a winning combination.
  4. In the last step, the system shows the winning combination to players and announces the winner.

The Basic Rules for Playing Lottery Online

The Basic Rules for Playing Lottery Online

Though there are a lot of online platforms where you can enjoy lottery, there are a set of simple rules you should stick to get the most favorable gaming experience. Some of them are listed below.

Do Research

This is one of the most critical rules because you should collect full info about the platform if you are going to place real money. Pay attention to the independent review, feedback from real players, etc. Do not forget to check the platform, especially its customer support service, type of license, and available payment gateways. An excellent sign is if the portal offers a lot of different lottery variants you may choose from.

Choose the Suitable Game

You should decide how much you are ready to spend because the amount of your deposit directly depends on the game type. Some lotteries offer huge jackpots, but the risks are just as high. So you need to correlate your abilities with your desires. For example, there are options where you can try demo versions to see how it works from the inside and decide if it meets your needs or not.

Regular Playing

It may sound strange or ambiguous, but the more you play, the greater the chances of winning you get. You can independently choose the regularity of the game depending on the lottery-type, ticket price, total prize, and so on. As a rule, you can achieve the maximum result only with experience.

Select Numbers Wisely

Before starting the game, try to concentrate on getting the highest chances of hitting a winning combination. To do this, you can opt for numbers that are rarely used by other players. Another option is to use the lottery number generator, but in this case, you significantly reduce the gaming involvement. When picking a large number of variants, keep in mind that this can substantially reduce your chances of winning. If you do not have a specific strategy, then it is better to select an average number for each of the games.

Stay Organized

Playing the lottery requires organization and attention. You should always keep track of your tickets, keep in mind which combinations you have chosen and in which games.

It can help you analyze the progress and understand where you are moving. It also helps reduce the chance of losing money. Reasonableness can also be attributed to the organization. Despite the fact that the lottery is a casino game, you should keep a cool head and not get too excited.

Choose a Good Time to Play

This is one of the factors that gamblers often underestimate. In turn, proper timing can greatly increase your chances of winning. Thus, try to choose a period when the platform has the least number of players. As a rule, modern portals allow you to conduct such a calculation.

Use a Strategy

Even though the lottery is not the best casino game option for using a specific strategy, it is still better than not using it at all. Popular approaches include choosing a lucky number or repeating patterns. If you choose the second option, then you need to conduct a thorough study of several dozen or even hundreds of recent games and select the numbers that most often fell out.

Also, don’t forget about the lottery calculator. You can use it to mathematically calculate the probability of winning a particular lottery. It’s best to combine several approaches to increase your chances and customize your individual style of playing.

The Biggest Online Lottery Winners

The current platfrom represents a lot of different lottery options. It means you can pick the instant lottery and win 10 euros (1,579 INR). At the same time, you can join the Fireball 10, which supports accumulative jackpots and multiplies. In this case, the luckiest winners already got sums over 1,000,000 rupees.

Is it Safe to Play the Lottery Online?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to play the lottery online in case if you choose a trustworthy platform. To ensure that it is not a fraudulent online resource, you should visit the official website, check its license, and learn about the owner (physical and legal address, phone number, etc.). In order to decide on a particular online platform, you should contact the customer support service. Such details as time of response, its quality, and the professionalism of the platform’s team may be markers that help you make a decision. Using the helpdesk, you may also learn about possible hidden fees, exceptions to the rules, bonuses, etc.

How to Check Lottery Results?

How to Check Lottery Results

To check the lottery results, you can use the table, which records the final data of the draws for the last few games. The system stores these results for a period of time, which depends on the particular type of lottery. In addition, you should pay attention to the license from the company that verifies the random number generator. Exactly this piece of software directly depends on the final number combinations.

What is Betting On the Lottery?

This is the activity of predicting the final combination of a lottery draw and placing a bet on the result. Lottery betting is the type of gambling that is controlled by licensed bookmakers (in this case—online portals). Modern online lotteries allow you to place bets and participate in draws on platforms worldwide. This expands gambling opportunities for players from countries where the law prohibits or restricts such entertainment.

Currently, the gambling market offers two main lottery types.


Instant Online Lotteries.

The main feature and advantage of this lottery are that players can get the results instantly. In addition, the entire game process is reduced to the minimum participation of the gambler since you do not even need to select numbers. On the one hand, this simplifies the gameplay, and on the other hand, it slightly deprives the players of excitement and involvement. As a rule, the chance of winning in such a lottery is much higher than in others since the maximum prize may not exceed $50.



Unlike instant lotteries, in these games, gamblers choose the numbers themselves, focusing on their predictions, strategies, and so on. There are many variants of such games with a variety of numbers that form a combination.

Nova88 Support

The platform offers a lot of ways to contact the customer support service. The first option that is the most popular among players is live chat. It helps you get the answer to almost any question in a minute or even faster. You may ask the support team about available payment methods, age or geographical restrictions, technical side and mechanics of a particular game, and specifications of the Nova88 mobile application. Live chat is available 24/7 and supports the same set of languages as the platform’s interface. All you need to get started is to click on the message icon to call the pop-up menu. There you need to specify your nickname, describe the problem and choose the language you use. Also, you may drop a message on an official email of the Nova88 platform ([email protected]). This option is also available 24/7, but the time till you get a response may be longer (about an hour). Also, the portal has a wide representation on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Nova88 portal is a fully legal gambling platform that offers a wide selection of casino games. The portal is especially interesting because of the abundance of lottery options. Gamblers can participate in simple lotteries with instant results, as well as buy tickets with the possibility of receiving huge jackpots. The platform cooperates only with top-notch and reputable providers like Playtech, Microgaming, and Play’nGo.

The Nova88 portal is regularly checked by independent testers, so you can be 100% sure that your personal data is safe and that the results of the games are reliable. If you face any technical or financial issues, you may contact the multilingual support service and solve the problem within a few minutes.


  • Is Nova88 a legal platform?

    Yes, the portal operates fully legal and has a license from Curacao Gambling Authority. For more details, you can read the appropriate article in the “Terms and Conditions” section.

  • What types of lotteries does Nova88 support?

    The predominant number of lotteries is of the instant kind. At the same time, you can buy an electronic ticket to the lottery with accumulative jackpots.

  • Does Nova88 have mobile apps?

    Yes, you may launch all available games via your PC or laptop as well as the mobile phone. On the official website, you can download applications for devices that support Android OS and iOS.

  • Can gamblers call the Nova88 support service?

    Yes, this option is available, and you may contact the helpdesk via WhatsApp number. To do it, just dial the +60108645632 number.